We consult on disability inclusion in the workplace.  Employing people with disabilities begins with understanding your organization's goals, obligations, and capacity. Employment is a significant aspect of life and providing access to opportunity can enhance greatly the independence and self-determination of both people with disabilities and your workforce.

Disability Employment Consulting Packages

Scalable for Your Organization

We organize our consulting services into packages that are scalable for any size organization. Each package contains valuable insights and information designed to empower your team with knowledge that will serve as a foundation for future success.  

Our consulting packages include:

Package One - Understanding Challenges

Package Two - Promoting Opportunity

Package Three - Talent Pipelines

Package Four - Measuring Success

Detailed Views of our Consulting Packages

Understanding Challenges

Promoting Opportunity

Man in Powerchair Looks Up at Inaccessible Steps
Man in Powerchair Looks Up at Inaccessible Steps
two women in suits standing beside wall
two women in suits standing beside wall

Our 25+ years of experience get put to work for you and your team as you gain insight into the longstanding challenges that both people with disabilities and employers have encountered.

Did you know that approximately two-thirds of all working-age people with disabilities are not in the labor force? Or that the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is nearly triple that of people without disabilities?

Our team has both the professional and lived-experiences that can give your organization a competitive advantage. Our consultation can help your organization tap into talent pools.

Having a solid foundation is essential to building long-term and sustainable success.  We will do a deep dive into the myriad of disability laws, regulations, and policies so your team can understand both challenges and opportunities.

We will demonstrate a real-world hands-on approach about what it means to have access to opportunity.  Our team has a deep understanding and experience with our human condition. 

We will engage your team with exercises and through scenarios that illustrate how each employee, and prospective employee, is in their own individual state of ability.  

In order to attract employees to your organization it is vital for your team to obtain insight into the issues that impact a person's access to opportunity.  

Our team can offer strategies, techniques, and ways for your organization to attract, recruit, and retain top talent who also happen to have a disability.  

Additionally we can collaborate on identifying ways and means to develop procurement and supply chain opportunities with and for Disability Owned Business Enterprises.  

Talent Pipelines

Measuring Success

Photo of a worker with a physical disability working at his laptop
Photo of a worker with a physical disability working at his laptop
A worker walking to work who is using a white-cane to identify a boundary of truncated domes.
A worker walking to work who is using a white-cane to identify a boundary of truncated domes.

Our team will work with your organization to establish both baselines and aspirational goals for hiring people with disabilities.

We work with your team to establish and/or integrate Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that will help quantify our efforts.  

Having objective processes in place that can be replicated and provide a fair and accurate dashboard to drive the program to success.  

Having an accurate and up to date understanding of what efforts are yielding results can go a long way towards ensuring long-term success.  

Most importantly, past performance is typically an indicator of future success.  A foundational goal of our efforts is to avoid "disparate impact," which makes accurate metrics essential to our efforts.  

We use our proprietary Four R's approach to attracting top talent to your organization.

Readiness - Preparing your team and organization with the knowledge necessary to achieve success.  This includes buy-in from the C-Suite and all throughout your organization.

Recruitment - By proactively establishing meaningful collaborations with the wide array of programs and partners that serve as talent feeder systems.

Referrals - Significant amounts of data from the Human Resources community indicates that Employer Referral Programs (ERP's) generate among the highest quality of candidates.

Reasonableness - Having a rational basis with which to utilize "job-crafting" relative to the essential job duties of each job's posting and description.  

Our Disability Consulting Services are Scalable for Your Needs